Who is Sarah Almond Bushell?

I am a Registered Dietitian and help families and businesses by advising them on nutrition to improve their food and do the best they can for their children.

When you hire me I come with 18 years experience in nutrition and dietetics. I am a specialist in infant and children’s nutrition and can help you by ensuring your child gets the best start in life. I can help with optimising restricted diets including food allergies, as well as providing strategies helping fussy eaters become more adventurous. Additionally I have helped many overweight children over the years successfully become a healthy weight.


I also have years of experience working within the NHS managing the diets of children with medical conditions from diabetes to neurodisabilities and as a result have a deep understanding of what families want and a diverse breath of experience to boot.

I am just as happy working with families and children as I am with large commercial organisations, to help them optimise the food they provide and nutrition messages they deliver. My clients have included Plum Baby, Rachel’s Organic, Zebedee’s Lunchbox and over 100 nursery and preschools across the South of England. I write for publications such as Mother & Baby and Gurgle magazines and have lectured at Universities on nutrition. I am currently the Nutrition Expert on Annabel Karmel’s team, a household name in baby weaning and toddler food!


On a personal note, I have an undergraduate degree in Nutrition & Dietetics, a Masters degree in Nutrition for children with Special needs and a post graduate diploma in Dietetic Practice. But most importantly I am a wife and mother to two gorgeous children who remind me every day how important it is to provide the right food to grow your superheroes!






‘Dietitian’ is a protected title award by The Health Care Professions Council, which quality assures the public. Find out why you should use a registered dietitian.