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Sarah Almond Bushell

My name is Sarah and I am a Registered Dietitian and Children's Nutritionist and I am passionate about helping your family improve their nutrition to optimise health.

I bring almost 20 years experience in nutrition & dietetics. I'm an expert in weaning babies, helping fussy eaters and nutrition for children and because of this I advise many baby and toddler food brands. I can help you by ensuring your child gets the best start in life.

I’ve helped hundreds of families over the years with special diets including managing food allergies & intolerances, improving tummy troubles and assisting overweight and underweight children become a healthy weight . Additionally as a food behaviour expert I'll give you mealtime strategies to help fussy eaters become more adventurous.

I'm an expert in weaning your baby and support Mum's and Dads through their baby's weaning journey. I also advise some of the leading baby food manufacturers in nutrition too.

On a personal note...

I have an undergraduate degree in nutrition & dietetics, a masters degree in nutrition for children with special needs and a post graduate diploma in dietetic practice. But most importantly I am a wife and a mother to two gorgeous children who remind me every day how important it is to provide the right food to grow your own superhero!