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Sarah Almond Bushell

MPhil, BSc Hons RD

My name is Sarah, I’m a Registered Paediatric Dietitian & a mum of two and I’ve been there, where you are today.

My first baby was iron deficient, despite me thinking I was doing everything right to nourish him. I exclusively breast fed him, I weaned him on time, he loved his veggies. You can imagine my horror to find out he had a nutritional deficiency…was a dietitian after all and I couldn’t believe I’d got is so wrong!

My second baby had an egg allergy, faltering growth, eczema and reflux. I learned a lot when weaning her. She grew up to be toddler who was an incredibly fussy eater because of food aversions caused by her health problems. So I learned more….and now she’s an almost 10 year old adventurous eater! I’m so proud. All the fussy eater strategies I advise you about, you can be rest assured that I’ve tested them out on my daughter first!

I’ve worked with families and young children for 20 years, solving their nutritional problems from managing food allergies, constipation, diarrhoea and other tummy troubles, diabetes, faltering growth, overweight, nutritional deficiencies, selective eating, autism and ADHD and of course fussy eating! And theres probably more….

And my qualifications...

I have a BSc undergraduate degree in Nutrition & Dietetics, a MPhil masters degree in Nutrition for Children with Special Needs and a PG Dip post graduate diploma in Advanced Dietetic Practice.

I’m a published author with articles in medical journals and a dietetic textbook and I write regularly for magazines and online blogs.

I’ve qualified in SOS Feeding Therapy which means that I can help fussy eaters and problem feeders improve.

I’ve taught on the Masters Degree modules on child nutrition at the University of Brighton.

But most importantly being a wife and working mum of two gorgeous pre-teen children give me real life experience and remind me every day how important it is to provide the right food to “grow your own superhero!”