Online Weaning Course - Beta Tester Group


Online Weaning Course - Beta Tester Group


WEANING MASTERCLASS by Sarah Almond Bushell. Limited to 20 places

A comprehensive online course covering everything from critical nutrients to bringing up your baby vegetarian, to the practicalities of how to start weaning and what to do next depending on your baby's response.

This is a one stop shop for weaning advice you can trust - removing all the nonsense and confusion that the internet / your neighbour / your mother-in-law offers.

By the end of the course you will have a step-by-step food, milk and feeding guide to the second 6 months of your baby's life.

Exclusive access to me via a private Facebook Group.

This is a Beta Test group priced at a reduced rate of £40 in return for your feedback and you will have some extra time with me to help you through the content via exclusive access in a private facebook group.

Launching early October.

If we get 20 people great, If not I'll refund all your money, so theres no risk to you.

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Testimonials form BusyLizzy Wimbledon;

Hayley mum to Jack said "I had no idea that the balance of food and milk was so important to get right, lots of my friends had told me not to worry to much about food but now I know thats not right"

Janet mum to Bea said "knowing about the critical nutrients and which foods to find them in is so helpful, I want to give my baby the best start in life and I had no idea that nutrition could effect here intelligence levels and ability to behave well when she's older. All mums and dads need this information".

Martine said "An online course broken up into short bitesize video's is so helpful, its hard to concentrate when you've got a demanding baby...being able to dip in and out of something online at my convenience is a fantastic idea"

Lucy mum to Mabel said "Having the Facebook group and access to you is so reassuring, I know that I can show up and ask a question and you as an expert will answer it for me"