Sarah Almond Bushell


As an expert in nutrition for children, businesses hire me to bring added value and credibility to their brand. My clients have included Plum Baby, Zebedee’s Lunch Box, Rachel’s Organic and several nurseries and pre-schools. I am also the Nutrition Expert on Annabel Karmel’s team, a household name in baby weaning and toddler food! You can see my work at

I advise on product development, having an insight into what parents want, what their challenges are and how your business can be the solution. I support marketing strategy including speaking as the expert at trade shows, social media ‘Ask the Expert’ Q&A’s, article writing, blog posts, producing supporting literature and resources etc. Having me as your expert develops consumer trust in the brand.

I also write for publications such as Made for Mum's, Mother & Baby Magazine and Gurgle Magazine.

Additionally I have lectured at universities and taught children in several schools on the importance of nutrition.