Love your leftovers!

Hate food waste? Here’s my top 5 tips for using up food before it spoils:

  1. Whizz stale bread into breadcrumbs using a food processor and freeze. These are perfect for coating home made chicken nuggets.

  2. Puree fruit with natural yogurt in a blender and pour into ice lolly mounds and freeze. A delicious after dinner treat!

  3. Any leftover veggies lurking at the bottom of your fridge are a great edition to a warming soup, just peel, chop and chuck into a pan of lentils, water herbs and spices and simmer away. Blend with a stick blender at the end of cooking for a thick smooth hearty soup.

  4. Leftover chicken from your roast? Serve with fresh pasta and a creamy sauce made from low fat creme fraiche, grated Parmesan cheese, wilted spinach and tarragon.

  5. Brown bananas go great in banana bread. See my recipes for the most delicious banana bread recipe!

The food standards agency state that foods can be eaten up until their ‘use by’ date but must be discarded thereafter. This is very important as it’s about food safety. The ‘best before’ date is about quality, foods can safely be eaten after this date but may not be at their best.

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