School holiday healthy Snacks

So its Christmas...woohoo! School is out for 2 weeks and our little munchkins are going to be hyped up on sugar and other festive goodies...yeah...great!   When do they go back? 

For those of us who are already fed up of the 'sugar rush' and would love our little darlings to be...darlings...try switching the sweet stuff for some healthy, nutritous snacks.

1. Top up your fruit bowl every day with interesting fruits such as strawberries, clementines, kiwi's and plums as-well as your traditional apples and banana's and put it in an easy to reach place. Tell your children that they can help themselves to fruit at any time and always offer to peel, chop or help them out if they need you.

2. Allocate a snack time every day and tell your kids this routine. Try and make this 2-3 hours in between meals to allow for your kids to feel hungry. In between times they can help themselves to the fruit bowl.  

3. Freeze yoghurt or fromage frais tubes. Even in mid winter kids love frozen treats and these are so much more nutritious than ice cream. They'll still feel like they're having a treat!

4. Get them baking! Make cookies, gingerbread, mini cakes... Not only is it a great school holiday activity, but baking from scratch means no additives or preservatives. You know exactly what gone into them. 

5. Healthy, nutritious yet indulgent snack ideas are: 

  • Sweet popcorn (not the toffee variety!)

  • Fruit juice ice lollies

  • Cold quiche

  • Peanut butter on toast

  • Oatmeal & raisin cookies

  • Cheese and crackers

  • Pitta Pizza's - see my previous blog post for a quick and easy recipe

  • Mini sausages - look for lowest salt and highest meat content

  • Chocolate dipped fruit

  • Pitta, houmous and veggie sticks

  • Dry breakfast cereal

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