Strawberry Santa hats


1 punnet of strawberries
1 packet of white chocolate buttons
mini marshmallows
cocktail sticks

edible glitter - optional


1. Slice the green tops off each strawberry so that you have a nice flat surface
2. Melt the white chocolate buttons in the microwave in 30 second bursts, stiring in between each burst - be careful not to overheat.
3. Dip each strawberry's flat top into the white chocolate to make the 'fur trim' of Santa's hat. If you are using edible glitter for that extra Christmas sparkle, nows the time to sprinkle some on!
4. Place (with chocolate on the bottom) on baking paper to dry. Pop in the fridge if you are short on time.
5. When the chocolate is set, poke a cocktail stick in the point of each strawberry and top with a mini marshmallow for the bobble on Santa's hat.
6. Serve to your kids and enjoy - don't forget to tell them about the cocktail sticks!!