Social Media Policy

Last updated: 10/3/2018


My company is on Social Media to raise brand awareness by showcasing information about nutrition for children, recipes and images relating to improving health through food in order to attract future clients.



I respond to negative or offensive communication that questions my professionalism by acknowledging the comment and asking the individual to engage with me offline. I do not respond to negative attacks that are unrelated to my business or professional status as a Dietitian.


I respond to positive engagement by replying to comments and engaging in further conversation.



I always aim to keep client confidentiality top of mind.  I will not engage in personalised nutritional advice online and will refer the client to engage with me offline.

I always keep your data safe if it has been consented to being collected in any way (such as clicking on a post that leads you to a newsletter sign-up).  If you would like to know more please contact me at


Professional Boundaries:

I endeavour to maintain a professional relationship with current and past clients. Because of this, as well as my concerns with confidentiality, I may not respond to certain posts I deem to put us at risk of being unprofessional. 


Advertising & Promoting: 

Any promotion or advertising that occurs on my social media platforms will be identified clearly. I aim to keep my relationship with our followers open and honest. I follow the guidance outlined by the Advertising standards Authority.